Roseapple Pi team are a group of SBC (single board computer) users, developers and embedded Linux software teachers and engineers.

Regarding our experiences and communities recommendations, a SBC which has good performance, power efficiency, affordable pricing, flexible engineering extensions and good community study culture is the key to be a successful platform.  According to SBC hardware spec and manufacturing considerations, we decided to design our own SBC and produce the board in Taiwan.  Wish we can provide a good SBC for developers, students, teachers and makers for speeding up your creativity!

That is the reason and why we made Roseapple Pi.

Roseapple pi-VI識別規劃-LOGO-1

PS.  To whom may be curious about “Roseapple”

Roseapple or so-called “wax apple”, “bell fruit” is one kind of famous fruits in Taiwan. (Chinese: 蓮霧; pinyin: liánwù; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: lián-bū).  Roseapple is popular and famous, major planted in Southern Taiwan.

It’s juicy and sweet having beautiful rose-red color.  A good quality of rose apple even be named “black pearl” or “black diamond”.  If you have a chance to eat a rose apple in Taiwan, don’t miss it!