Howto Flash the SD bootable Image File to a MicroSD Card

There are several kinds of booting devices we can boot from.  The easier way to boot the SBC and also change the operation system you preferred.

For example, each students in an Embedded Linux course can have his/her own SD card to prepare the homework and also can check others project easily by using another SD card.

So we need to know the methods how to flash a bootable image into a microSD card.

In general speaking, we will need to choice a suitable (8GB or larger) SD card to flash.  The size of SD card depends on the file size of target image file.  We recommend using a 8GB-Class 10 for the minimum requirements.   If we use faster speed class of SD card, the better performance you could expect.

Linux users

You can use dd command to flash the image.

$sudo dd bs=4M if=[path]/[imagename] | pv | dd of=/dev/sdx 

For the developer who wants to build his/her own image on the platform, please refer our wiki and github source repositories.  If any questions, please join our forum to discuss or share the experiences.

Windows users

You can use Win32DiskImager to flash the image file to SD card

Browse your image file location and confirm the target SD care drive, and then click the Write button to flash.