For the end-user and developers, we already made some pre-built images based on the SDK from Github or SoC vendor.  If you just want to develop the application running with pre-built images, please download directly at your convenience.

Those pre-built images may be replaced with latest source built to fix bugs, add new features or configurations sometime without notice.  Please kindly be noted and understood.

In addition, if anyone who already built the preferred Linux distribution image for Roseapple Pi, sharing in the forum is also welcome.  Thanks for the sharing in advance!


Schematic file of RoseapplePiS500_Bubblegum_RaPi_V1.1.pdf

Debian 8.1 debian

Target board: RoseapplePi (boot with MicroSD card, 8GB )

Released: 2015-11-30

Version: Debian 8.1 (codename Jessie).

Kernel version: 3.10.37

File*: debian-s500-20151130.img.xz

File size: 1.83 GB (1,969,502,092 bytes)

MD5 checksum: 7C8A9F5071C5B9BFD0D8F97C227E2B01

SHA1 checksum: E06ACED40F36BCEFB8B9AE26FB4EF248982268AC

account/password: linaro/linaro

Release Note:

Updated kernel fix for GPU and added more Wifi dongles support

Android 5.1.1 android

Target board: RoseapplePi (boot with MicroSD card, 8GB )

Released: 2015-12-08

Version: Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop)

Kernel version: 3.10.37

File*: s500_android_bubble_gum_sd_151208.img.xz
File size: 439 MB (460,498,568 bytes)

MD5 checksum: 8E14E97A15A69A1C8A00AC4E3B60074B

SHA1 checksum: F47C555506D9BCE3FAEC4BBB48F951804780C3B0

Release note:

Apologize for repacking with latest release from SoC vendor.  The 1203 release pack was uploaded improper one.


*Remind the image was compressed to download faster.  So you need to decompress before flashing to a micro SD card.